How do I assemble my bird?

Place the wing over the tabs on body - wings will be drooping downward.

Why don't my bird's wings work?

The wing must be placed over the tabs on the body with the center of the wing higher than the wing tips, so that the wings are drooping down.  Otherwise the wing will not move in the wind.

How much wind does it take to get the wings to work?

Our birds wings will move with a very small breeze.  The stronger the wind, the more active they will be.   

Can the wind be too strong?

If your birds are in an exposed location then we recommend you bring them in, or at least remove their wings, whenever you're expecting gale force winds of 35 miles per hour or better.  This is particularly true of the large birds (with wingspans of 30" or more).  

What organizations does Birdly Art donate to?

National Audubon Society
The Nature Conservancy
American Bird Conservancy

Does Birdly Art accept returns?

We accept returns up to 30 days after purchase in original condition with original packaging.  We will refund the purchase price but we cannot refund shipping cost.

Will the wings fly off?

It's unlikely that a wing will ever come off a bird, but in a location with strong swirling winds it is possible.  To prevent this bend the small ends on the large tab that sticks up through the wing very slightly to the side.  Bend the front end one way and the rear end the other way.  This will prevent the wing from coming off.  Don't bend these very far.  It only takes a little bit to make the wing secure.  You can use pliers to make the bending easy.